Whether you celebrate Easter or not, no one can deny that one of the best things about the holiday are the decorated eggs. Here in the US, we like to dye eggs and have the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House. In other countries however, Easter eggs and traditions look different.

Hungary Eggs  Germany Eggs

In Hungary, eggs are decorated with imprints of various flowers and leaves while in Germany, eggs are painted with strong Sorbian traditions with details meant to ward off evil.

Norway Eggs

In Norway, they glue pieces of paper or thin pieces of wood onto the eggs to make rather detailed designs on top of bold colors.

Pyansky Egg  Japan Eggs

Pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg that is decorated using a wax-resist method called batik and the Japanese make eggs out of origami paper decoupaged onto the egg shell.

Italy Eggs

Italians decorate their eggs by coloring them, and then nesting them into Italian Easter bread for a tasty treat.

Faberge Egg  Faberge Egg 2

And let’s not forget the ornate and glamorous Fabergé eggs inspired by the historic ones from Russia.

What ways to you decorate your eggs? Any tip or ticks? Let us know in the comments.