Whether you work for a large corporate office or your own small office den at home, having to work for hours in a small space can be difficult for the mind.  Before you have a claustrophobic break down, lets see what we can do in order to turn that small space into a blissful retreat.

Cut out the Plastic.

Replacing a few flimsy objects with weighty, elegant ones goes a long way toward setting a sophisticated tone.  Mix certain materials and textures like marble, brass and wood.  Your office space can be as beautiful and elegant as your living room.

Leave space for Fun.

Its great to have something modern, hip and yet timeless on your desk.  It’s a conversation starter and an icebreaker in an interview or meeting, plus people love to pick things up off your desk when they are nervous, frustrated or even excited. It’s always good to have a hedgehog on hand.

Create Change.

Incorporating an object with some movement can keep a workspace from feeling too static — and there are plenty of options beyond those perpetual-motion kinetic desk sculptures with the clacking balls.  Find your zen object for the work day, like a sand garden for the desk!

Add some Life.

Add some life to a cold workspace by picking up some plants.  There are many indoor plants that do not need direct sun exposure.  Certain houseplants even are natural air purifiers so they add a real benefit to your space.  If you would prefer something more temporary and changing, pick up some fresh cut flowers.  They will last roughly a week and you can switch them out depending on your taste and style of the week!

Get it Organized.

There’s nothing more stressful to me than an unorganized cluttered desk.  There are drawers meant for a reason.  Store unused items.  Find a cup or vase for your writing utensils.  Modern paper weights can be utilized in keeping everything tighty and neat.

Show your Happy Face.

If you have a more than stressful work atmosphere, then some motivation might be just the right thing to brighten your day.  Whether its an art poster, a desk mat or just a coffee mug; you can find something cute and upbeat to keep your head above water.

Your work space is your place to concentrate on the projects and important things you have on your to-do list.  You need to feel comfortable and motivated, but don’t get too comfortable or your mind may wander to better days of leisure! One great way to get a new look for your desk is provided by KESS InHouse!  Our desk mats come in different sizes and thousands of artistic designs.  Whether you’re wanting to go bold, minimalist or abstract; we have a design for you.  KESS also has trendy notebooks for all those important business meetings and project details.  We also sell coasters in sets of four.  Same great designs, same great fresh look.

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