It's almost impossible to ignore those huge annoying tags attached to most comforters and duvets. But just like those vitamins your mother forced you to take, they are for your own good. So let's break the cleaning cycles down for comforters. Cause who wants a gross bed?? Here's the steps listed for our new Kess Comforters! These steps would be different for a duvet insert so if you do not have a Kess Comforter, check your official care tag!

Comforter Care

Step 1

Machine Wash COLD on Gentle Cycle.

It's great that you can wash these in a gentle cold wash cycle. When it comes to washing, this is the most effective way to ensure cleanliness. Use only Cold water because this will prevent the comforter from shrinking. I had a friend who washed a comforter in HOT water and it shrank too small to fit on her Queen size bed! Lesson learned!

A side tip: You can actually throw in "like color" items if your washer is big enough!

Comforter Care

Step 2

Tumble Dry on Low Heat

It's amazing that you can now throw the comforter into the dryer. In our parents days, you had to line dry them. But most comforters have adapted to today's standards. Keeping it on Low Heat will take longer but it will be another way to keep it from shrinking.

If you still feel ify about drying it, line dry is the way to go. Doing so outside while the sun's out is an awesome way to naturally dry it. Fresh clean air! As long as it's free range air. 😏

Comforter Care

Step 3

Do Not Bleach or Iron

You can't use extreme heat on these items because it will damage the material. That's why when you use the dryer, it has to be on low heat. An iron would definitely destroy the material. If you are trying to get wrinkles out of it, then steam is the way to go. Also bleach will ruin the material on the inside of the comforter so avoid using any kind of bleach solutions. There are a few home remedies for stain removal if that's the reason you would desire to use bleach. Spot treatment is the most ideal.


Comforter Care
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