But first….coffee.

Yeah we know what everyone needs first thing in the morning before tackling life’s obstacles.  Our coffee mugs can become our best friend.  Or at the least, the first thing we reach for in the morning.  These ceramic buddies can be more industrious than we can imagine.  We could definitely use them in more ways than getting our daily energy high.  With our older mugs or even our more sentimental ones, we can retire them to less active roles.  Here’s some of our ideas for those old #bff’s.

Pen Holder

Some people have a typical non-sentimental way of holding important desk tools, like pens, letter opener, stylius or laser pointers.  But using one of your older favorite mugs will definitely personalize your desk and can bring a vibe of life to a hectic work day.  Just remember, cap those pens!  You don’t want ink to ruin the inside of the mug!

Plant Holder

Bring some life into your office or home environment.  Office and house plants not only act as natural air purifiers but they kill a cold and harsh work vibe.  Nothing is more trendy than baby succulents.  Use your mug to go green.  But don’t forget to water!

Makeup Brush Holder

As a guy, I can tell you that ladies have probably a brush for every part of the face.  They accumulate so fast, I feel like a professional artist lives in my bathroom.  Organize those brushes with a few trendy mugs.  Bring some color and design in and keep it clean and neat.

Candle Holder

Some of the most economic candles are tealight candles.  They make a perfect match with a coffee mug.  You could even make it a little more unique by adding in some coffee beans to keep the bean vibe.  Or if you wanna go with the spa scene in your bathroom, throw in some small stones.

Gift Bag holder

You could personalize a gift for a good friend by using a coffee mug instead of a gift bag. Throw in some flowers, gourmet candies and some wrapping paper.  Make it unique and fun.  Your friends will love it.

Breakfast in a Mug

For those on low carb and low intake diets, this is a great idea.  You can portion control your breakfast by using  a mug to hold, or even cook, your breakfast.  How much more DIY could you get?

Shaving Mug

Men’s grooming is always important.  So while the trends are in, utilize what you have to be in the game.  Take a unique coffee mug and store your shaving cream.  I’m sure the wifey will be impressed.

Share your coffee mug ideas with us!

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