Have a blank space? No we're not quoting Taylor Swift but we are talking about those blanket spots you might have around your home. We took a small space and figured out how to add a little something on a tight budget! We broke down each step to show you how we got there. Lets check it out!

Step 1.

We love plants, plants, and more plants. So we added in a tall but clean indoor plant. With all the hospitality we do on the weekends, we are always in need of more seating so we added in a clean modern chair that doesn't take up too much space but is functional.

Step 2.

The walls in this space are tall so we needed to add something to fill the space. But nothing too heavy because we love our tall walls. We added in this shelf which will be handy for all kinds of items.

Small Blank Spaces

Step 3.

We have so many throw blankets we have no idea what to do with them. That might mean that we are lounge masters but we try to organize them as much as we can. So the shelf now serves a purpose!

Small Blank Spaces

Step 4.

We can't get enough of framed wall art. Since they are so affordable, we can switch out with new pieces frequently. Did we mention we love plants? Well we had to add in a little more green. Again..

Small Blank Spaces

Step 5.

Throw pillows are a great way to add a little extra to any chair. We found this amazing marble print in the outlet section of Kess so we got a steal!

Small Blank Spaces

What an awesome finished piece! The outlet section on is a perfect place to find hundreds of designs on a tight budget. Out blank wall looks perfectly set!

Let us know what you think about our little collection!



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