Architects and interior designers agree that space has a very real impact on how we feel.  We now know that the way light enters a room, the colors we choose for our floors and walls, and even the shape and texture of our furniture and home accessories all work together to influence how we feel and how we perform, both consciously and subconsciously.

This being said, the coming of a new season is one of the biggest reasons why people will redo their bedroom bedding.  It’s the simplest form of a room makeover.  A fresh new duvet set and throw pillows will definitely change and update your most important room in the house!  Let’s talk about a few styles that are trending for 2017 bedding!

Bustling Blue

Though black has always been the ultimate decorating darling, designers are now enlisting Navy blue for their dramatic hue.  When paired with pops of white, red, or yellow it has an especially beachy or east coast cottage vibe.  Even more minimalistic modern interior decorates are using it as a focal.

Indoor Life

While Pinterest predicts the popularity of indoor climbing plants to reach new heights in this year, we’re definitely in love with the green prints on different accessories. Plus no watering required!

So Classy

When it comes to a trend with staying power this motif is the real deal. It’s a timeless look and feel that will always be around.  Marble prints whether on the wall, on the pillow or in true form, will always sophisticate any room.

The Pink Bird

While flamingo-themed parties are technically what has Pinterest tickled pink, I’m sure we’re going to see the fun motif have legs in the coastal design world!

Not only are we open minded to all art designs, we also support all artists that work with Kess by cutting a percentage of their sales back to the artist.  All artists deserve the recognition they earned!

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