There are so many things that you can do in order to freshen up that stagnant bathroom. You don't need to tear down walls and rearrange every fixture. All you need is a face lift. Here's the three things we do in order to change our scenery!


1. Splash of Color

Changing the color of any room will always give it a new face lift. Bathrooms are typically done in a light and bright color. One of the primary factors is the size of the space. It's often the case that smaller spaces, and many bathrooms qualify for this designation, can be expanded visually via the use of a lighter color scheme. For this reason, if your bathroom is a snug affair or a three-quarter or half bath, you can brighten the space and expand it visually with colors like whites, light beiges and yellows. Bathrooms take a lot of abuse, thanks to the constant steam from baths and showers. The humidity levels in bathrooms are always rising and falling, so your paint needs to be up to the challenge.

2. "Mirror Mirror.."

There's so many options when it comes to mirrors in the bathroom. Whether you want a flush mirror or a cabinet mirror, you can even DIY a speciality mirror for yourself. Many farmhouse style bathrooms will have a wooden framed mirror. Other modern homes maybe have a seamless no framed mirror. A round frame is trending right now among many contemporary styled homes.


3. Curtains & Mats

There's an endless supply of patterns for shower curtains and bath mats. Whether you want to coordinate them with the same pattern or not, there will always be options available.  Kess InHouse has over 9,000 pieces of art so you will always be able to find exactly the design you are looking for!  Click the image below to see what they have available! 




Thanks for checking out how we keep our homes fresh and lively!  Comment below if you have any tips on how you do it!