Kess InHouse : Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Rebecca Fischer : I am a self taught artist who began dabbling in art late in life at age 50 (5 years ago).  After working for the phone company and they closed our office, I decided to see if my art would sell at vendor tables. It was then, I learned I had a product that would sell and I draw out of my home as my sole source of income. I created one dog piece and it was a big hit.  I decided to pursue custom art of pets before I was able to have enough art pieces to create a collection at Kess.

KIH : What is your first memory as an artist?

RF : I brought my art to art fairs and my husband assisted in helping me set up a tent.  A client came into the booth and said to my husband, “Are you the artist?”… He looked at me and laughed and said, “No, this is Rebecca, the artist”.  That was the first day I realized I am an artist and even when I told this story to my mother who is in her 80s, she was very surprised and said, “you are an artist now?”… True story that happened 5 years ago. My mother’s reaction was, “It is never too late to reinvent yourself.”

KIH : What is your creative process?

RF : I use a photo to capture the image of the pet.  Starting with pencil on paper I outline the shape.  My medium is fine art marker which I go over the pencil and fill in and chose marker because it allows me to get vibrant bright colors in a unique whimsical style. The next step is to bring the paper with image to a professional printer who uses a professional scanner and scans the image into a jpg file.  Then the jpg is sent to a canvas vendor to be printed onto canvas, or to Kess to be printed on your products.  After it is printed on canvas, I touch it up with poster paint so that when a custom piece is made, it maintains its originality.

KIH : What is your favorite part of the creative process?

RF : Since we love our pets, I always make sure I add hearts to represent the love.  I also love creating the eyes of the animal because I know when I get the eyes right, it truly looks like the clients pet and I am able to capture the dog’s or cat’s spirit.

KIH : What common threads do you find show up in your artwork?

RF : Every art piece comes with at least one heart, some are easy to see and some are a bit hidden.  Boy pets get blue or green noses and girls get purple or pink noses.

KIH : How did your relationship with Kess Inhouse begin?

RF : I am an avid Facebook user and I believe I found Kess on Facebook. After sending in my images,  I was also asked to draw the Kess house dog, Milo which was an honor!

KIH : What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

RF : I have many favorites but my favorite piece is Bella, the Westie.  It is listed on Kess, as a Scottish Terrier which has a similar look.  This piece went to a 90 year old lady given to her on her 90th birthday so it holds a special place in my heart.



KIH : What is your work space like?

RF : I work out of my home on a small desk and since I use many colors, I have markers in a 3 drawer bin set to the side for easy access.

KIH : What inspires you?

RF : I love animals and especially when someone has a good story about their pet, it inspires me capture the spirit of the animal in my art.  Recently I saw on the news a story about a dog who accidentally ran a 1/2 marathon in Alabama and came in 7th.  The dog’s owner just let the dog out to use the restroom and it joined the marathon. He was given an award and I drew Ludivine, the hound dog with his award around his neck.  The owner was quite surprised and pleased, as well as the head of the marathon organization.  I also get inspired to bring smiles to my clients.  On occasion I bring tears, if the pet has passed, but they are good tears!

KIH : What artists inspire you to create your artwork?

RF : When I was a kid, there was an artist named Peter Max.  I had his wallpaper up in my bedroom.  He also created the Beatles animated Yellow Submarine movie and I fell in love with his use of bright colors.  There is one more artist that uses art marker that people may not be aware of.  Ozzy Osbourne (yes, the Rock star) dabbles in art and I first saw him on his MTV show using markers and went out a bought myself a set and got started.

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KIH : What are your top 5 favorite products offered by Kess Inhouse for your artwork?

RF : Throw blanket, cutting board, shower curtain, cell phone cover and mat that goes under the dog bowls.

KIH :Would you recommend Kess Inhouse to other artists?

RF : Of course!

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