NL Designs was created by Nikki Lhota. She is a Southern California local with great painting and digital art experience. Her large variety of art and color compositions makes her versatile in any home. Her work is highly influenced by pop culture and new trending patterns. See more from NL Designs exclusively at Kess InHouse.

Kess InHouse : Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

NL Designs : I’ve always been into art for as long as I can remember, although for the art I do now, I started really painting and doing digital work when I was about 12 years old.

KIH : What is your first memory as an artist?

NLD : I remember my grandfather teaching me how to color in the lines in a child’s coloring book. I must have been about 5  or 6. He showed me how to do a dark color outline and a light color filling.


NL1037ASailor Mercury

KIH : What is your creative process?

NLD : For my paintings I tend to do a lot of sketches on a bunch of different mediums until a feel I’m ready to get working on it. In my digital work, I tend to start and finish on the computer, sketching and finishing with my tablet.

KIH : What is your favorite part of the creative process?

NLD : I love colors! Coloring my art or mixing the colors together to find the perfect blend is my favorite part.

KIH : What common threads do you find show up in your artwork?

NLD : My swirl pattern. It shows up in a lot of pieces, and sometimes even in ways I didn’t expect when I started.

Home Decor

KIH : What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

NLD : That’s a hard one. I love my Ocean Flower, which took a bit of time to do, as the white was paper cut out and placed over the canvas I was working on, but I also love my Animal Love collection, which included Foxy Love and Black and White Elephant Love. I’ll be adding more to this collection over time, too.


KIH : What is your work space like?

NLD : MESSY! It’s like an organized chaos. I pull everything out that I’ll need when working on a piece, but after it’s done I’ll put everything away – if I haven’t moved it to another piece.

KIH : What inspires you?

NLD : Packaging, Monet, cool colors, mythical beings, Disney and cartoons.

NL1039ASC01 NL1048ADP01


KIH : What are your top 5 favorite products offered by Kess Inhouse for your artwork?


  1. Fleece Blankets
  2. Throw Pillows
  3. Desk Mats
  4. Shower Curtains
  5. Wall Tapestries

KIH : How did you find Kess Inhouse?

NLD : I saw some artist’s work online, followed them to where their products were sold and found KESS. I applied and was accepted, and I’ve loved working with them since.