Nina May is one of the first artists who ever signed on with Kess InHouse. We appreciate her various styles and color coordination. Her line of work and experience makes amazing artwork and even better products. To read her exclusive interview with Kess InHouse read below.

Kess InHouse : Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Nina May : After studying Graphic Design and Advertising at college, I made some hand-painted Tee Shirts and wore them to work. I then custom designed for my friends and then decided to start my own business and sell hand-painted clothing to boutiques in and around Los Angeles. I have worked on my own line as well as developed and designed for many apparel companies in Los Angeles.

I was introduced to a friend who knew a manager at Mattel in the Barbie Development Department looking for a Graphic Designer/Artist. Since then I have hand-painted and embellished fashion doll prototypes for Mattel, Disney, Hasbro and Spin Master Toys.

KIH : What is your first memory as an artist?

NM : Painting and glittering Pinecones in Preschool. My parents received a note home from school stating the teachers were worried that I only painted in Purple. I just liked painting, no need to worry!

KIH : What is your creative process?

NM : I usually come up with a color palette first, draw directly with Illustrator or scan collaged photos, hand-painted fabric and paper or sketches in Photoshop. I like to listen to World Music, especially Afro Brazilian beats to relax. I like to mix and match Ethnic cultures in a collage of layered patterns to complete a fashion forward design or product.

Nina May's Work Station and Artwork "Nova Sun"

KIH : What is your favorite part of the creative process?

NM : Getting in the flow or a trance of sorts and not realizing that hours have gone by doing what I love.

KIH : What common threads do you find show up in your artwork?

NM : Bold colors, patterns, fashion trends,ethnic references or symbols and love of hand-dying or painting fabric.

KIH : What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

NM : My Artika Sunset pieces are my favorites because those are my colors. This was originally a watercolor on paper developed with effects in photoshop

KIH : What is your work space like?

NM : My work space is my home studio which used to be my dining room. I have my paintings on the walls, a drafting table to paint and a desk for my trusty Mac. I have oodles of art supplies and embellishments to play with in my vintage cabinets. I have French windows to let in the California Sun. My music is always on. My 2 cats Toffee and Blondie roaming all over my desk having fun.

Nina May’s Work Station

KIH : What inspires you?

NM : Music, Fashion, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Clothing, Ethnic Food, Friends, My Daughter, Trends, Flowers, Color, Pattern, taking walks, the internet, movies. Pretty much everything around me here in Los Angeles.

KIH : What was it like to see your art on Kess Inhouse products for the first time?

NM : So awesome! I saw my Crayon Batik design on a duvet cover and I nearly fell over it was so cool.

KIH : What artists inspire you to create your artwork?

NM : Matisse, Monet, Raoul Dufy, Sonia Delaunay, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rene’ Magritte, Jean Michele Basquiat, Keith Haring, Richard Diebenkorn and Robert Raushenberg.


Nina May "Aqua Snake" Blue Teal Woven Area Rug
Nina May “Aqua Snake” Blue Teal Woven Area Rug



Nina May "Peach Hibiscus Stripe" Pink Orange Shower Curtain
Nina May “Peach Hibiscus Stripe” Pink Orange Shower Curtain




Nina May "Artika Sunset" Purple Orange Woven Duvet Cover
Nina May “Artika Sunset” Purple Orange Woven Duvet Cover



Nina May "Moda Paisley" Paisley Flower Yoga Mat
Nina May “Moda Paisley” Paisley Flower Yoga Mat



KIH : What are your top 5 favorite products offered by Kess Inhouse for your artwork?

NM : Duvet Covers, Pillows, Shower Curtains, Yoga Mats and Area Rugs.

KIH : Would you recommend Kess Inhouse to other artists?

NM : I would highly recommend Kess InHouse to other artists! It is a great creative outlet and highly satisfying to see your art on products that people need and purchase. Not to mention the extra income!

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