A brilliant 3D designer with an eye for patterns, Nick Atkinson’s designs are highly influenced by nature, modern sayings, and life events. His strong design background makes his artwork limitless ,from modern vector patterns to realistic celestial elephants, he can really bring any idea to life.

Kess InHouse : Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Nick Atkinson : I started out as an artist at the early age of 6 years, I remember drawing Loony Toons characters (more Daffy Duck than others) all over my school books instead of doing my homework. Ever since I’ve been fascinated and slightly obsessed with art and design whether it be sketches/line art to graphic and web design.


Kess InHouse : What is your creative process?

Nick Atkinson : My inspiration comes from life events and organic patterns created by nature. My process varies from sketching then bringing it into Illustrator/Photoshop, using a 3D program with Photoshop/Illustrator, or taking photos and editing them into more meaningful works of art.


Kess InHouse : What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

Nick Atkinson : My favorite piece is titled “Celestial Elephant”. This image comes to me in my dreams sometimes, I’m walking on clouds in space with a golden elephant. The feeling I have when this dream is occurring is extreme lightness like everything that is chaotic in my life is no longer existent.


Kess InHouse : What is your work space like?

Nick Atkinson : My workspace is quite diverse. When I’m creating artwork I don’t like working in a room so I go to local coffee shops or the beach. I get my inspiration from the movements and events in life so I like surrounding myself in that.

Kess InHouse : What artists inspire you to create your artwork?

Nick Atkinson : I honestly don’t have a favorite artist that inspires me. I get inspired by all kinds of artists, specifically though I get inspired by watching inexperienced artists grow from drawing stick figures and flat shapes to creating full three-dimensional shapes and detailed figures. I get inspired by the spark of knowledge they consume and demonstrate.


Kess InHouse : Would you recommend Kess Inhouse to other artists?

Nick Atkinson : I would definitely and have recommended Kess InHouse to other artists out there. The people at Kess InHouse aren’t all about selling products, they are about promoting the artists and their work. Joining Kess InHouse has opened a lot of doors for me and my career.

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