Mandie Manzano is a special artist from Louisiana, whos artwork can be recognized by her style and vibrant colors. Her art showcases famous pop culture icons from Disney to Star Wars. She has a personality that matches her artwork. Below is her interview exclusively with Kess InHouse.

Kess Inhouse : Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Mandie Manzano : I am a huge goofball. I can be serious, but rarely. I enjoy making people laugh, love animals, hiding fake dog poop in places and scaring family members, eating mangos until I’m sick, and netflix.
Well, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away……
I was sick! It’s okay though, it has a happy ending!
I’ve always been a doodler, but I became very ill and all I could do was draw on my iPad. So while recovering, I drew and drew and painted and painted, and then placed them up online and people responded. Good things can come out of a bad experience. That placed me on the path that I am on now and I couldn’t be happier!

KIH : What is your first memory as an artist?

MM : I would take my Abuelito’s (grandfather) shaving cream, and spray it in my hands and smear it across the mirror and draw in it!
He probably always wondered why he ran out so fast!

KIH : What is your favorite part of the creative process?

MM : The surprises. Not knowing where it is going will lend to some fun surprises.


KIH : What common threads do you find show up in your artwork?

MM : Swirls and hidden items!

KIH : What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

MM : I’m very hard on myself, but my favorite piece would have to be my Wonderland. I like to have hide and seek items in my paintings, and that one has all sorts of hidden things in it!

KIH : What is your work space like?

MM : Oh man…like harry potter and voldemort were fighting in there..and then some dwarves decided to eat in there also. Its crazy.

KIH : What inspires you?

MM : God, my Family & Friends, books, the stars, really good pasta.

KIH : What artists inspire you to create your artwork?

MM : I am inspired easily! Caravaggio. His use of light is awe-inspiring.

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KIH : What are your top 5 favorite products offered by Kess Inhouse for your artwork?

MM : Doggy Beds! throw blankets, pillows, the bedding cotton duvet, and the everything bag!

KIH : Would you recommend Kess Inhouse to other artists?

MM : Yes and I have and always will.

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