KESS InHouse: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as a painter?

Josh Serafin: Growing up, I was always into sports, but I was always that doodler too and always loved to do different artwork. I started taking art classes in college and realized art was the direction I wanted to take. In college, I had a knack for certain aspects of art, particularly gesture drawings with live models and Sumi ink. I realized I could take that and apply it to what I know and love and that was the surfing gesture. It’s when I realized I had something unique and different and that it’s kind of evolved from there.


KIH: What is it about your craft that you admire and love?

JS: I love being able to express myself visually with the medium of oil paint, whether it’s the palette knife, fingers, or brushes. Through whether or not it’s an experience that I’ve had or an experience that I see, or something that just inspires me. It feels good to be able to create something that makes other people feel good as well.

JS2012A Natural High

KIH: What would you say is your biggest inspiration for your artwork?

JS: My biggest inspiration, no doubt, is anything that has to do with the coast. I’ve been immersed in the coast since I was born here, in Huntington Beach. I do a lot of surf paintings but it’s not just the surf; it’s pelicans, the sandpipers, the shells, the fish, the smell. I want to create the smell of salt in my paintings with color and different textures. And now that I have little girls, they actually inspire me when they’re doodling and doing paintings, I can actually get inspired by certain shapes and colors that they produce.


KIH: How did the relationship between yourself and KESS InHouse come about?

JS: I was at an art show down south a few years ago, and a Kess InHouse employee had been cruising the show and walked by my paintings and saw a connection and felt that it would fit well with some of the products. I was asked to send a few images to see how it would go. Ever since then, we’re up to several different images and it’s going well.

KIH: What was your initial reaction upon seeing one of your art pieces translated into one of the home décor products KESS InHouse offers?

JS: That was exciting. I feel as an artist, your first goal is to produce a painting that you can connect with people and be able to sell that painting so you can produce more. Then you have all these dreams when you become an artist, and you do it for so many years, to see it on other products. You walk around (to) different stores, you realize there are so many products with images on them. But to be able to see your own painting on a sellable product can pretty much take your breath away the first time you see it. Then you see the potential of your paintings on other products. It’s amazing.


KIH: What is your favorite thing about being part of the KESS InHouse network of artists?

JS: I feel like there’s a special group on the Kess InHouse network of artists that have made their mark on their own style. It’s really nice to be amongst these artists and to see your own theme go throughout your portfolio and theme go on all these different products.

KIH: Would you recommend KESS InHouse to other artists that you know?

JS: I definitely would! I’ve already told other artists about it already. The team behind Kess InHouse are very professional and they know what they’re doing. Their quality is key. I’ve had several people buy and tell me the quality has looked sharped. I have no complaints about Kess InHouse. It’s been a great experience so far.