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Trevor Coopersmith (Infinite Spray Art) is a young and charismatic artist from the laid back coastal community of Carlsbad, California. Trevor has taken his talents and love for all things surf and has shown that becoming an artist has no age limits.Armed with only the use of spray cans and ordinary household items for tools, Trevor creates an array of realistic pieces of art that stop you dead in your tracks. We recently caught up with Trevor and asked him a few questions as part of our Artist Spotlight series.

KESS InHouse: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Infinite Spray Art: My name is Trevor Coopersmith. I’m 20-years old and I’ve been spray painting for about 6-years. I went on a cruise ship to Ensenada, Mexico and saw someone creating immaculate works of art with spray paint, cups, rulers, magazine paper, and regular household items. I immediately fell in love (with it), went home and tried it. My first attempt didn’t turn out too well. But after a couple thousand paintings later, I think I’ve almost got it down.

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KI: What is it about your craft that you admire and love so much?

ISA: The thing I love most about spray paint is being able to recreate my surroundings in my own kind of way. So if I go to the beach and surf or if I travel a little bit, I can take a picture, go home and recreate it in my own style.

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KI: What inspires you?

ISA: My biggest inspiration is definitely traveling and experiencing other things around other places. I’m also inspired by other people’s experiences and having them tell me to paint something. If someone were to say “I love elephants” or “I saw a really cool picture in a magazine”, they would send it to me and I could use that for inspiration.

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KI: How did the relationship between yourself and KESS InHouse come about?

ISA: My Dad actually showed me an article in the newspaper about KESS InHouse. He kind of forced me to submit my stuff and I’m very glad I did.

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KI: What was your initial reaction when you saw one of your pieces translated into one of the home decor products the KESS offers?

ISA: When I saw my original artwork put on duvet covers, blankets, and pillows, it was really nice to see. It’s really interesting to see my paintings go from an art canvas on to something people can actually put in their home.

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KI: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the KESS InHouse network of Artists?

ISA: I love being one within an artist community. I love being able to showcase my original artwork online and being able to produce artwork specifically for a company.

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KI: Would you recommend KESS InHouse to other artists that you know?

ISA: I would definitely recommend KESS InHouse to any artist that is up and coming or any artist that knows what their doing. They’re a very professional company and they know what their doing. They know how to put unique works of art online and actually make it available for people to use everyday in their homes.