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KESS InHouse: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Danny Ivan: When I was younger, I found I had a big passion for visuals and multimedia. As I got older, I entered university, and during that time, I really tried to find a style of artwork that I could fully express myself in. I worked hard everyday to find my “voice” to communicate with others through art.

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KI: What is it about your craft that you admire and love so much?

DI: I love being able to share my work with others with hope they take away feelings of positivity. I really try to connect with people via abstract forms.

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KI: What inspires you?

DI: Being bold, positive, energetic, and vibrant with my artwork really inspires me to take things to the next level. It really makes me want to work harder.

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KI: How did the relationship between yourself and KESS InHouse come about?

DI: I always saw my artwork on full-printed products. When I came across the KESS InHouse website, I felt compelled to get in contact with them to become a part of the KESS InHouse network of Artists. It’s been great watching us evolve and grow together.

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KI: What was your initial reaction when you saw one of your pieces translated into one of the home decor products the KESS offers?

DI: It made me really happy. I believe art can be seen everywhere and anytime and KESS InHouse provides that.

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KI: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the KESS InHouse network of Artists?

DI: My favorite thing about being part of the KESS InHouse family is the feeling of a perfect partnership. They help me show my positive, vibrant, and energetic pieces of artwork on much larger scale.

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KI: Would you recommend KESS InHouse to other artists that you know?

DI: I always recommend it. In fact, I’ve already mentioned it to some of my other artist friends.