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Catherine McDonald’s love for photography began with the receipt of a small hot pink point & shoot camera she earned as a prize from a school fundraiser when she was 7. Over the years, Catherine has shifted her focus from Child & Family Portraiture to Fine Art & Decorative Photography, thus helping her passion to blossom. Though a Southerner at heart, Catherine’s traveling lifestyle ensures that she will always have an inspiration at hand.

KESS InHouse: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Catherine McDonald: I got my start as an artist really in my childhood. I picked up photography as a hobby. I wanted to do better and take better pictures, so I started studying and I started reading and learning and absorbing as much as I could.

KI: What is it about your craft that you admire and love so much?

CM: I love photography so much because you can document and freeze a moment in time forever. You’re documenting history.

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KI: What inspires you?

CM: My biggest inspirations come from nature, travel, culture, food, learning new things, seeing new things, trying new things, and experiencing new things.

KI: How did the relationship between yourself and KESS InHouse come about?

CM: I found KESS InHouse at the recommendation of a fellow artist.

KI: What was your initial reaction when you saw one of your pieces translated into one of the home decor products the KESS offers?

CM: It was Mother’s Day of 2013. It was the first time I had seen my artwork on anything other than prints and canvases. Really it was just a beautiful moment.

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KI: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the KESS InHouse network of Artists?

CM: My favorite thing about being with KESS InHouse is definitely my relationship with the other artists as well as being able to live the lifestyle that I do. It allows me to maintain a livelihood of my own and maintain a job. It’s definitely provided an opportunity to help provide for my family.

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KI: Would you recommend KESS InHouse to other artists that you know?

CM: I would definitely recommend KESS InHouse to other artists.