Brittany Guarino is an exceptional painter from San Diego California whose unique style is infectious and beautiful. Her paintings whimsically capture women and birds on a unique choice of canvas. Her natural wood backdrops become a character of her art pieces. She has an incredible talent of taking the natural grain of the wood and incorporating it into the layers of paint she applies over it, giving vibrant life to each art piece.

In pieces like “Face”, Brittany uses the natural tone of the wood canvas to act as the skin base tone for her lady portraits. In this piece the wood grain plays with the light shading she uses on the woman’s face adding a surreal texture that makes the piece a more tactile experience.

Brittany Guarino "Face" Brittany Guarino "Owl Feather Dress"

While her canvas selection is a major trademark of her work, the second is her ability to compose fascinating portraits. In “Owl Feather Dress” the imagery of a feather covered woman is striking. Each feather has perfect placement to provide character to the woman’s pose.   Beyond the pose it’s the emotion Brittany captures in her subjects faces that make her work so impactful. There is something so tragically peaceful about the piece as a whole, and this sentiment originates from this expression.

Brittany Guarino’s art is a unique blend of illustration, painting and nature. Her pieces would fit into any natural themed home, and is a great way to bring the outdoors inside with her wood canvases.




KIH:  By using wood planks as your canvas, your work has a very unique look.  What drew you to using this texture as a through line in your artwork?

Brittany Guarino: Wood has it’s own character; I love it because of what it adds to each piece.

KIH:  You utilize the imagery of women and birds often in your work.  What do you enjoy about painting these subjects?

Brittany Guarino: Beauty is fun to paint. I love to paint birds because they are elegant and their features are full of detail. Same with the female form.

KIH:  What is your favorite part of the creative process?

Brittany Guarino: My favorite part is the moment you fall in love with what you are creating. There is a lot of questing whether what you’re doing is going to work, they’re is a lot of failure. But when you finally figure out the solution, and bring your idea to life, that’s the best part.

KIH:  What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

Brittany Guarino: My favorite is “Spring Fashion”. I combined wood and fabric before painting in the figure. The composition involved fuzzing the figure with the backdrop which is a fun technique I enjoyed utilizing.


KIH:  How long have you been painting?

Brittany Guarino:  I’ve been creating art since high school. I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design and have been painting since then.

KIH: Like us you are San Diego based.  How has the city shaped you as an artist?

Brittany Guarino:  This is an insanely creative place to live. They’re is inspiration everywhere. The work of other local emerging artists helps drive me to do better and create more work.

KIH:  Where do you do most of your work?

Brittany Guarino: On the couch, next to my boyfriend (also a painter) while watching TV and eating dinner.