Kess InHouse : Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start as an artist?

Bridgette Burton : I have always had this tug inside my heart for creativity. Whether it be sewing, quilting, illustrating, or designing surface patterns, it all makes me so happy! I am self-taught, and have been picking up bits and pieces along the way. After I turned 30, I realized that if I didn’t make creating art a big piece of my life I would never make the time to do it. So, I went for it, I started taking art classes and reading everything I could about  entrepreneurship. It’s been quite a journey!

KIH : What is your first memory as an artist?

BB : I remember sitting in class in 6th grade being bored out of my mind, trying so hard to pay attention. I picked up my pencil and decided to sketch him. From where I was sitting, I could see his profile, so that is what I drew. It turned out quite nice and I was surprised at what I created. I think the bell rang and I was so consumed with this sketch that I didn’t even notice!

KIH : What is your creative process?

BB : I daydream a lot, probably more than I should. I will get an idea in my head and daydream about it until I can’t help but get it out on paper. That is where the magic starts for me. I sketch and then import it into Illustrator. From there I can change things around, re-arrange, re-color, and get a good solid motif. After that, I keep experimenting until I am happy with the results. Some of my inspiration comes from photos I take of random things or while outdoors, others come from the ideas that pop into my head while I am exploring. Last week I was in Spokane and I saw this beautiful ceramic vase and immediately I thought of a design that would be perfect on it. Out comes my sketchbook and camera!

Bridgette Burton “Feathered Rain”
Bridgette Burton “Here Kitty Kitty”

KIH : What is your favorite part of the creative process?

BB : Sometimes it’s like a puzzle for me. I do love puzzles! If I can figure out how to arrange motifs or incorporate a color scheme I feel very accomplished.

KIH : What common threads do you find show up in your artwork?

BB : Right now I am in love with vintage and retro inspired mid-century designs. I find that it is popping up into my artwork more and more. I also like blues and corals together. It seems that my artwork mirrors the favorite things I have in my life a the moment.


KIH : What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

BB : My favorite piece is my Credenza Madness piece. I did a whole collection around it. I had searched months and months for a credenza for my dining room. Finally, I saw one in my price range and we bought it. It’s so beautiful. I ended up sitting in front of it for hours sketching it from all different angles.

BB2_3 BB2_2

KIH : What is your work space like?

BB : Right now it’s messy! I am starting to experiment more with watercolors so my table is covered in practice sheets! I have a very small studio. My husband took our old dining table and cut it so my sewing machine fits in it flush for when I quilt. I also have these beautiful shelves with mason jars attached underneath, a chalkboard, a bookshelf full of fabric, and a desk that he made especially for me. I have an old antique dresser that holds some artwork that used to be my Great Aunts. I like lots of uni pens and pencils around. My sketchbook is open to some hand lettering pages that I was drawing for a recent course, Make Art That Sells, that I am taking to expand my portfolio.

KIH : What inspires you?

BB : Everything. Anything. I find subtle patterns everywhere I go –  manhole covers, buildings, home decor. I see the world in a completely different way than most people.


Bridgette Burton “Credenza Madness” Teal Pink Everything Tote Bag



Bridgette Burton “Charming” Teal Nature Dog Bed




Bridgette Burton “Retro Graffiti” Maroon Vintage Decorative Sheer Curtain



Bridgette Burton “Here Kitty Kitty” Coral Vintage Throw Pillow



KIH : What are your top 5 favorite products offered by Kess Inhouse for your artwork?

BB : I love the dog beds, totes, pillows, curtains, and outdoor canvas prints.

KIH : How did you find Kess Inhouse?

BB : I found it through another artist that posted on Facebook that she was a Kess Inhouse artist.

KIH : Would you recommend Kess Inhouse to other artists?

BB : Of course! I just ordered luggage tags with my design and was asked countless times where I got it. It’s amazing how many artists there are out there looking for a great company to work with.

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