Ancello’s art is the byproduct when you mix trendy low polygon artwork with nature (specifically wild life). Her animal portraits are composed by way of simple shapes that depend on subtle color variations to build the detail. What sets Ancello’s low poly art away from several others in this category is her use of grunge textures and light line work. The additions to the style make each of her pieces very unique and fascinating to examine.

Ancello also has a talent for adding tons of personality into her animal portraits. The culmination of all individual purple polygons in her piece “Hoot!” build up a cute owl with a coy expression her face. It’s the expressions in her animal portraits that make her work so playful. The Owl’s eyes in “Hoot!” are wide and expressive.

Ancello "Cute Kitten"

Her artwork also showcases her eye for pleasant color combinations. In her piece “Cute Kitten”, Ancello uses prominently purple/blue hues to make up the face of the adorable feline. Keeping the color pallete limited, she builds up the detail with subtle shifts in color. These slight changes in color add depth and perspective to the piece that would be lost with different color choices. It’s minimal and sophisticated all at once.

Ancello’s work takes a budding art style that is trending throughout the web but offers a fresh take on the style, resulting in something entirely unique. The web of lines and polygons render adorable portraits that would be perfect for any animal lovers home.




KIH:  You have such a unique way of illustrating animals.  What makes wild life such an interesting subject for your art?

Ancello:  My love for nature and animals inspires me to interprete the beauty of such scences in a new way and it also motivates me to recreate the view for wild life illustrations. My children also inspire me to see nature through their eyes.

KIH:  You utilize subtle geometric polygons to make your paintings.  When did you first learn this technique and what do utilizing it?

Ancello:  I got inspired by the low polygon technique of other artists half a year ago. But I just wanted to add more details to it and to lead the focus to the eyes of the animals in my illustrations. This technique is fairly new for me and I refine it further and further.

KIH:  Where does the creative process begin when your developing a new art piece?

Ancello:  The creative process starts with choosing an appropriate image. Expressive eyes and good contrasts are very important for my kind of work, so not every motive is suitable for it. Mostly, I have to set highlights to get the best results.

KIH:  What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

Ancello "Abstract Tiger"

Ancello:  My favourite design is the “Abstract Tiger”, as I love how the portrait radiates power and charisma. First, I inserted a reference object in a triangle-generator and traced the contours. After that, I used various colour gradients to get the right atmosphere for the portrait and at last, I tried a few textures to round out the scene.

KIH:  What do you find boosts your creativity the most?

Ancello:  To encourage my creativity, I usually go for a walk, take photos or just get ideas from the internet.

KIH:  Where do you do most of your work?

Ancello:  I am a digital artist, so I always have to create my designs on the computer. I mainly use graphic programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.