We are coming to a part of the year where new up and coming products are being released and promoted. Earlier this week we got word of a new Apple product called Apple Pencil.

What is an Apple Pencil?


Apple Pencil is a new type of stylus that can virtually make working with your iPad a whole lot easier. You know how to use the new Apple Pencil without even trying it because it works just like a normal pencil.

Features : 
  1. No lag. Some styluses create a lag from writing to the actual screen.
  2. Pressure Sensitive to create thicker and thinner lines.
  3. Add Shading as if you were using a real pencil by tilting it on its side.
  4. 12 hours of battery life.
  5. Use the pencil with most Apple Apps like iCloud or Notes.

It is not just the Apple Pencil thats coming out soon but the new keyboard for your iPad as well as a whole new generation of iPhones. With all of this to look forward to, you can’t forget about the new apple watches that just came out. Apple Watches have the ability to change out straps and customize for each and every person.

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Let us know if these tips helped you make up your mind about the new Apple Pencil. Please use the hashtag #kessinhouse and leave a comment below.