So you picked out the perfect couch and it is all set up but something is missing. It is completely blank above your couch. No theme. No pictures. Just blank. Do not let this discourage you from making the best living room ever. Get some inspiration for above your couch by checking out our suggestions below.


Perfect for high ceilings, shelves are great for storage and perfect for showing off your favorite knick knacks. Try finding unique or different shelves to shake things up.

Single Artwork / Pairs

If you find the right size, this is a show stopper! Large artworks are great for above the couch because they are a perfect conversation piece. Find something colorful or interesting that can also match your decor.

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are super trendy for 2016. They can be rearranged, switched out for new art, and they do not need to match for them to work together. You can look up a lot of grids to get inspired by or make up your own.


Small apartments saving grace is mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and give the room a look of more space. Try them above the couch to create a more spacious room.

Picture Ledge

A WAY easier version of the gallery wall. Picture ledges are small shelves that can hold framed artwork, open books, candles, and figurines.


2016 BEST TREND! We love tapestries and they can bring a more casual look to a room without a frame and with the fabric look. Try tapestries with prints of the outdoors to bring the outdoors in.

Do you have something else above your couch? Comment below and let us know. Post a photo and #kessinhouse to get 10% off your next order.

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