Gallery walls have always looked over the years. They haven't really gone out of style. So we wanted to create the easiest TO-DO list possible. The Wayfair blog had just that. Narrowing it down to 4 simple steps, makes it easy for almost anyone to accomplish. Kess InHouse has over 7,000 designs so you have an endless supply to choose from. And with constant deals, you can easily switch out pieces according to your current style or season. We enjoy switching framed art work out each season. It keeps our areas fresh and renewed. And only doing this four times a year, we are not spending a large amount.



1. Gather.

After picking the right wall for your gallery, begin gathering your artwork. Whether you're buying new art or incorporating items you already own, include pieces that have personal meaning to you, like a map of your home state or family photos. Three-dimensional accents like clocks, monogram letters, and mirrors add further depth.

2. Create.

To avoid making unnecessary holes in your walls, lay your finalized selection out on butcher paper or cardboard. Create templates of your art by tracing each piece individually, and cutting out the paper outlines.


3. Plan.

Using small pieces of painter's tape, adhere your templates to the wall. For a well-balanced design, build outward from the center of the wall. Space larger items out and fill in the gaps with smaller pieces, like 4-by-6 photos or petite accents. To double-check your work, step back periodically and assess the arrangement from a distance.


4. Build.

Once you have a balanced and cohesive configuration, replace the paper with your actual artwork. If you are hesitant using nails, you could use velcro or even adhesive wall hooks.