Whether you would like to improve your health and well being, boost your yoga practice and overall fitness, or simply create a pathway for you to live your best year yet, this blog will help you to start in the right direction.  Unfortunately the start of a new year has been forced to become a “new beginning” for us.  And the most popular resolution – Get Healthy.  But our lives are so busy.  Trying to keep a sufficient and regular workout schedule can be very difficult.  We have so many things begging for our time and attention.  On the other hand, some of us may have a little extra time in our schedules, but the desire to exert ourselves even harder and longer than we already do, can be daunting.  Our daily routines can be not only physically exhausting, but also emotionally and mentally draining.  Making any sort of motivation towards exercise very undesired.

But if you are truly looking for a new way to add a little extra physical activity to your life, starting off with baby steps will definitely make the climb much easier.  Doing this will get you started in a routine.  That is the first hurdle to overcome.  Once your in a routine, your body and mind will become familiar to the practice.  Once you become familiar with the process, your body will need that process regularly.  You will actually desire to workout.  As the process continues, you will desire to take those baby steps and turn them into an adult stride.  You will be searching for new exciting exercises to keep growing and improving.  You will feel your body gaining strength and you will definitely see the results of your hard work.  This will help motivate you to go from a stride to a full out sprint.  Lets see what we can do to get a start on the new you!

One great suggestion is the 30 Day Stretch Challenge.  This exercise will help with your overall flexibility and core strength.  These poses listed below should be done for 1-5 mins each.  Depending upon your personal abilities.

Netflix & Chisel

Instead of Netflix & Chill, Netflix & Chisel.  If you have a weekly binge schedule, incorporate some exercises or stretches.

You could even do them along with the TV program.  This first diagram shows how to hit a few moves during commercial breaks:

Show Time Workouts

If  you have a specific show that you love to watch everyday, check online for specific schedules that align with that show. Like this one below for Friends:

Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

Like mentioned earlier, the “big picture” goal is getting yourself into a routine, staying in that routine and then adding to that routine. Think about how exercise fits into the big picture for you in the new year.  Meditating on the desire you have for change, will help turn that into action.

For 2017, inhale the future, exhale the past.

Happy 2017 Fitness !

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