Sometimes in our daily lives we forget to relax or even forget how to relax! It is important to keep a sound mind for health and happiness. Here are some useful tips to integrate relaxation into your day.

  1. Drink something hot : Hot Chocolate & Green Tea are perfect for sipping, not to mention soothing. Chocolate stabilizes metabolism and Green Tea is a source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger.
  2. Read a book : Reading a book can help reduce stress by helping you escape your normal day. It also helps with falling asleep at night.
  3. Listen to music : Music can help melt away stress especially when it is one of your favorite songs! It is a quick fix for a bad mood and anxiety.
  4. Work out : It is proven that a brief workout or a walk in the park will create endorphins which will help beat those pesky nerves.
  5. Take a bath : Take a soaking hot bath for 15 minutes can actually suppress one’s blood pressure for several hours. Taking a hot bath just prior to bedtime can help the body retain lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
  6. Yoga : Yoga is beneficial in multiple ways. There is yoga for reducing stress, for better sleep, and even for problem areas like the lower back. Yoga also helps meditation.Yoga Mats
  7. Put away your cell phone : Social Media will actually create stress and anxiety. Paying attention to yourself and going back to old school socializing can help reduce the amount of tasks you feel the need to fill.
  8. Do nothing : “Dolce far niente” the sweetness of doing nothing. Do not only take a few moments or three breaths but actually doing nothing for half an hour to an hour can take a load off your shoulders. It will help clear your head and reduce nerves.
  9. Meditation : Meditation goes hand in hand with yoga but you can give your body a vacation and just practice meditation by relaxing on the floor and focus on your breathing.
  10. Get a massage : Treat yourself to a professional massage or even a DIY hand massage. Massages help relieve tension in muscles that you wouldn’t be able to get rid of as well as help blood circulation.
  11. Be creative : Writing, drawing, and dancing can help you get in touch with your emotions and dealing with stress. Drawing can help clear the mind while dancing can get you up and moving to create more endorphins!

Feel free to try any or all of these in any combinations to help you destress! Do you have any additional tips that work for you? If you do, please share them with us in the comments!