We love and celebrate our dogs everyday in the office and yet sometimes keeping up with your dog is a handful. We have compiled some tips for you, your dogs, and cats to keep them comfortable in your own home. If you have anymore pet genius ideas for your home just comment below or #kessinhouseblog.

Patio Bathroom

For older dogs or bad weather you can always make a patio potty area so that you are your pup don’t have to go all the way outside.

Patio Grass Area

Pet Hair Removal

Remove hair from furniture with damp rubber gloves. Works like magic!

Pet Hair Removal

Cat Box

It can also be a puppy box but just use a cardboard box and an old tshirt and you have instant fun.

Cat Box

Dog / Cat Mats

Pet mats are made of neoprene material like mouse pads so they do not slip on concrete / tile floor. They are easy to clean and machine washable.

Washable Dog Beds

These dog beds are made with custom prints and have a zipper enclosure so you can wash them when they get dirty. Cute and clean!

Washable Dog Bed

Teething Ball to save your furniture

Take small pieces of an old tshirt and wrap small treats in them. Stuff them into a KONG or a HOL-EE and let them have at it.


Velcro Rugs

This is just convenient for dogs or cats who love sprinting from one side of the house to the other. If you don’t want your rugs to slide just add these bad boys.

Velcro Rugs Down

Cover unused outlet and tape down cords

Dogs are our fur babies so make sure all electrical cords and outlet are safely covered and taped down or they will get electrocuted.

Outlet Cover


This is a must in all homes with pets. Make sure to keep this list around your home to keep your dogs safe.



Best not to feed dogs or cats table food. Dogs are not allowed chocolate but thats not all. See the full list and make sure to keep this list handy when leaving food around the house.